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   ASCO International Clinical Trials Workshop

Opera Plaza Hotel, Cluj-Napoca, RO

1-2 July 2011 





           The purpose of the ICTW is to educate members of the research team on best practices of clinical trial implementation.

           Course content joins globally-accepted standards in the conduct of clinical research with a local perspective. Topics include roles and responsibilities of the research team, patient accrual strategies, ethics, promoting clinical trials, perspectives of sponsors, trial design, local and international regulatory issues, and tips on publishing research findings. The workshops are interactive and content is delivered through a combination of presentations and break-out sessions


The official agenda of this event is the following one:




Clinical trials in oncology

Multidisciplinary clinical research in oncology

Translational research in oncology

Partners in clinical research: Academia, Pharma Industry, Patients and the Government

Panel Discussion - on perspectives and hybrid sponsorships

Clinical trials planning and conducting

  • Regulative issues (CTD EU )
  • Ethical considerations
  • Design and methodology of Phase 1-phase 3 trials
  • Design elements of successful clinical trial
  • Statistical considerations

Promoting a Clinical Trial


Financial issues

Data Management 















Based on this agenda we recommend our workshop to all oncology specialists interested in clinical research, young oncologists in training, nurses,  researchers and data managers.

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